Go-Kart Party - The most fun kids can have.........
About Ush and every Go-Kart Party we host is fun packed, and full of excitement.
Go Kart Party Winners PhotoOur parties can take place at your home (space required 18m x 13 m), or one of our carefully selected venues.
Our electric Go-Karts have a variety of built in safety options, to make sure they are safe for children of any age between 3 and 10 to drive (subject to a maximum height of 1.5m)
Whilst the go-karts do not make any noise - grown ups - remember to bring your ear plugs - our parties are noisy!!!!!!
Watch the children as they practice their emergency stops.  Then quickly on to avoid traffic cones, and some of our furry friends around the track. 
Imagine a good old fashioned game of cops and robbers - Go-Kart style, whilst they chase each other to police sirens.  Will they catch those robbers?
And finally their very own mini Grand Prix - watch them run to choose which kart they want to race in, and the concentration on their face in an effort to win.  The thrill of the overtake, and the delight of being first to cross the line.
Due to the interaction we create between those waiting to race, and those racing, there is never a moment for any of the children to get bored.  They are a part of the party, whatever they are doing throughout.
Once we have finished racing, we begin our presentation ceremony.  The one they all want to win - The Best Driver Trophy.  

To make the day extra special, why not add medals to your package, where we get the birthday child to put them round their friends necks. 

Then for the special moment where the winner of 1st place (yes you guessed it - the Birthday child) gets to take the seat in their specially prepared car, for their laps of honour - cheered on by their friends and family.

Go Kart Party Lap of Honour
Our Go Kart Winner with her sistersNow with such a special party, we couldnt let you go without the opportunity to capture some great memories - SO - BRING YOUR CAMERA!  We will arrange the kart under the starting arch, for a variety of winners and group photos, so that everyone has a lasting memory of this special day.